Content Strategy: Cutting Through the Hype

The meaning of “content strategy” seems to vary greatly according to context and underlying business agendas. This session will unpack content strategy into “Pull” and “Push” categories and explore the goals and hallmarks of each. We’ll dive deeper to show why content strategies that primarily reflect internal business thinking (rather than relevant consumer desires) tend to be flat and forgettable. And finally, we’ll cover some techniques and tools to tap into consumer passion points, develop effective content strategies, and create compelling content for your audiences.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify the common business process pitfalls that lead to boring content and how to avoid them
  • Know the difference between Pull and Push content strategies and apply the best strategy for your content
  • Tie business needs and brand truths to consumer passion points and platform expectations
  • Use techniques such as editorial pillars and digital audience ethnographies to create compelling content
  • Apply this information to your own processes for developing effective, consumer-centered digital and social content