End-to-End Creativity: A Framework for Approaching Creative Measurement for Your Campaigns

Measurement is a tool that can help advertisers take more risks but is not often associated with creative work. There is a notion within the industry that creative measurement is resource intensive and worst of all, limits creativity itself. During this session, Facebook’s Creative Researcher for Marketing Science, Lara Andrews will discuss why measurement is actually a tool that allows advertisers to take more creative risks, extend creativity’s impact, and ultimately improve creative campaigns.

Lara will speak to Facebook’s latest research around creative branded content and brand ads, and how ultimately combining regular ads and branded content increases purchase intent. Lara will walk through how linking creative work, including branded content/ads, to business outcomes and reducing complexity, advertisers can also overcome the challenges associated with creative measurement.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand why a testing and learning plan should be part of the creative brief and how to inspire teams to work together
  • Define the role creative has in your campaigns’ success and how to incorporate testing and strategy for effective outcomes
  • Execute the four-stage process of implementing creative measurement