The B2B Marketers’ Guide to Balancing Paid and Organic Search for Maximum Results

The buyer’s journey has moved online with a greater emphasis on elevating brand awareness and increasing traffic to your digital storefront. But B2B marketers have become so focused on separating their digital marketing efforts into discreet channels that they don’t think to integrate paid and organic search harmoniously. If you’ve fallen into the trap of relying on one more than the other, or have questions about which channel to activate when, this session is for you – we’ll help you find a balanced approach to paid and organic search and how to grab the low hanging fruit along the way. This session is for B2B digital marketers and marketing leaders who have a working knowledge of digital marketing channels and a desire to improve the return on their digital marketing investments.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Benchmark data to help you understand whether you’re leaning too hard into organic or paid
  • Use tools to recognize and fill gaps in your buyer’s journey to ensure your leveraging the right mix of content and media
  • Apply quick wins to increase ROI and build a balance-focused Search Engine Marketing roadmap