Virtual Team Culture: Tips for Fostering Cohesion

If you currently manage a team or aim to do so in the future, this session is for you. The increasingly virtual nature of our craft offers unique obstacles and opportunities for us to work with remote teams across disciplines & national borders. During our time together, we will dive into the concept & importance of positive leadership as well as simple approaches you can take to foster a (virtual) environment of team cohesion. Anyone looking to enhance their team culture, especially in a virtual environment, should attend this talk.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Take away tools to foster deeper personal reflection as a leader, regardless if you manage a team
  • Understand the importance of inclusion & belonging in the workplace
  • Identify simple action steps you can take with your team to:
  • Get a pulse check on employee engagement
  • Utilize the virtual environment to your team’s advantage
  • Generate conversation-starters to foster more meaningful team discussions