When Majority Shouldn’t Rule: Inclusive Research by Design

In both market and user research, we often look for threads that tie our customers together— characteristics that place them on common ground. We create value propositions, design and build solutions, and launch marketing campaigns that appeal to the majority. And while our intentions are good, the results are sometimes questionable. Individuals and companies who continue to generalize customer needs and insights may unintentionally overlook deep pain unique to people of color (POC), persist racial inequities, and deepen long-time systemic issues.

Inclusive research goes far beyond “diverse” persona sets and campaigns targeted at “minorities.” Inclusion starts with eyes-wide-open research, intentional segmentation and recruitment, and uncomfortable open dialogue.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • More easily identify “watch out” situations that can potentially persist racial inequities
  • Ethically recruit and segment POC and “minority” groups with intention
  • Identity opportunities to design for and market to POC more inclusively